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All of my cues are known for their solid hit with very little deflection. Every cue is built using the precision Radial pin, hand-signed "Josey" and dated with the year made. I offer several different ringwork styles to choose from. Examples can be seen in the cue pictures below. All of my cues have a superior high gloss finish. All cue orders require a 10% non-refundable down payment in the event of customer cancellation. All non-standard orders may require a higher non-refundable down payment. The forms of payment accepted are as follows:

USA Orders - Cash, Money Order, Bank Wire Transfer, Paypal, Discover, American Express, Mastercard and Visa.
International Orders - Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Wire Transfer.

EXOTIC WOOD FULL SPLICE on "show cues" button below to see pictures

These cues are built with a little Bird's-eye Maple in the forearm and four long exotic wood points. The price includes your choice of exotic wood butt, one Josey standard Rock Hard Maple shaft with Triangle tip, black or brown phenolic rings on joint, butt and shaft. White phenolic rings, layered tips and joint protectors are available for an additional charge. The exotic wood sneaky-pete choices are: Purple Heart, Shedua, Bocote, Rosewood, Cocobolo and Ebony. Cocobolo and Ebony are priced higher than the other woods. The two heaviest woods are Cocobolo and Ebony, which typically weigh 19.5+ ounces. If you want either of these two woods lighter in weight, there will be an extra charge for Keith to core out part of the butt and replace with another light weight wood.

From time to time, when available, I also offer a "Bar Room" Hustler type sneaky-pete with plain brown wood butt and points with plain Maple forearm. These cues will have either solid black or solid brown phenolic rings on the joint, buttcap and shaft.

JOSEY CUSTOM on "show cues" button below to see pictures

All of my custom cues are individually hand-crafted and custom made to order. The price includes your choice of base wood, black with double silver rings throughout and two standard Josey Rock Hard Maple shafts with joint protectors. The Mother of Pearl Shield inlays, which have become my trademark, are available for an additional charge. These shields are inlaid into a black Phenolic buttcap or inlaid into a 1/2 inch black Phenolic band above and below the wrap. The custom cue base wood choices are: Shedua, Bird's-eye Maple, Curly Maple, Satinwood, Bocote, Purple Heart, Goncalo and Peroba Rosa. Cocobolo, Ebony, Amboyna Burl, Kingwood and Snakewood are also available for an additional charge.

The cost for an additional shaft is:

$150.00+ Josey solid black ring Sneaky-Pete shaft
$175.00+ Josey standard Custom Cue shaft
$250.00+ Timeless Timber (Old Growth Ring) shaft
$225.00+ Josey Laminated shaft
$230.00+ OB Laminated shaft
$275.00 Predator 314-2 Laminated shaft
$275.00 Predator Z-2 Laminated shaft


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